Articles on Adminstrative Law

Case summaries By Hon. Edward J. Shoenbaum, Jr. & J.A. Sebastian Administrative Law, December 2014 Recent cases of interest to administrative law practitioners.
Inside Administrative Law, October 2006 The first article in this issue provides insights into the role of an unusual ALJ, the Illinois Special Education Hearing Officer.
Summary of recent decisions Administrative Law, October 2005 These summaries were prepared by Adrienne W. Albrecht for the ISBA Illinois E-Mail Case Digests, which are free e-mail digests of Illinois Supreme and Appellate Court cases available to members soon after the cases appear on the Internet, with a link to the full text of the slip opinion on the Illinois Reporter of Decision's Web site.
Premature filing of complaint for administrative review deprives court of jurisdiction Administrative Law, March 2003 Regular readers of this newsletter know that if a complaint for administrative review is filed late, which usually means more than 35 days after the agency decision is issued, the circuit court lacks jurisdiction to adjudicate.
Administrative review law and necessary parties: who must be named By J.A. Sebastian Administrative Law, August 2001 After the state denied Darryl Veazey benefits under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act, the Cook County circuit court denied administrative review of the state agency's decision because the complaint failed to name the agency's Board of Review.

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