Articles on Admissibility

Internet evidence: How to authenticate evidence from the Internet under the new Illinois Rules of Evidence By George S. Bellas & A. Patrick Andes Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2011 The new Illinois Rules of Evidence, which went into effect January 1, 2011, closely follow the federal rules both substantively and procedurally in the area of authentication of evidence and, specifically, Internet evidence.
Admissibility of an expert opinion prior to or after class certification? By John J. Holevas Federal Civil Practice, June 2010 The 7th Circuit ultimately concluded that when an expert’s report or testimony is critical to class certification and forms the basis of plaintiff’s theory, a district court must conclusively rule on any challenge to the expert’s qualification or submissions prior to ruling on a class certification motion.
The admissibility of other acts or occurrences By John M. Stalmack Tort Law, September 2009 An analysis of those instances in which the admissibility of other occurrences or other acts may be admissible in a given case.
Admissibility of medical records at trial under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 236 By Brett J. Swanson Civil Practice and Procedure, June 2007 It has long been the law that medical experts may base their opinions upon medical records not admitted in evidence at trial.
Edited surveillance videotape of plaintiff ruled inadmissible By Michael J. Marovich Civil Practice and Procedure, October 2004 It is often a plaintiff attorney's nightmare to learn that the defendant or his insurance carrier has videotaped the plaintiff and has caught him or her doing activities that they claimed they were not capable of doing.

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