Articles on Audit

Auditor inquiry letters and attorney response letters—Does your client understand what is involved? By Tracy J. Nugent Business and Securities Law, June 2012 This article addresses some issues for counsel to consider, discusses the ABA Policy addressing those issues, and provides an example form Response Letter for illustration.
Proving undocumented expenses, shifting burdens and avoiding penalties: A look at audit issues By Gregory A. Zbylut Federal Taxation, April 2011 In general, once the IRS issues a notice of deficiency, that notice is presumed correct, and you’re on the hook to prove that it’s not.
The IRS: The taxman cometh By Stanley I. Foodman Federal Taxation, February 2011 In its latest budget proposal, the IRS requested funding to perform audits on 13,000 random tax returns—an effort to close the $300 billion-plus tax gap.
The good audit By Karen Johnson Guilde General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, November 1999 We usually associate audits with accountants and the IRS, but in recent years legal audits have become a relatively common business tool.

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