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Demystifying Cannabis in Illinois for Individuals: What You Need to Know to Advise Your Clients and Potential Clients By Brendan Bukalski Criminal Justice, December 2020 A look at the limitations placed on cannabis users in Illinois under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, as well as a discussion of ongoing issues related to cannabis in the state.
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The Unfinished Work of Cannabis Reform in Illinois By Evan Bruno Bench and Bar, November 2020 The results of the November 2020 election made clear that the majority of Americans are ready to move on from criminalized cannabis.
Legalization Notwithstanding, Smelling or Seeing Cannabis Still Helps Establish Probable Cause for Police to Search Your Car By Daniel Fultz Criminal Justice, August 2020 In March 2020, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously ruled in People v. Charles Hill that seeing and smelling cannabis is still a factor in determining whether probable cause exists for law enforcement officers to search a car.
5 Things Senior Lawyers Should Know About Legal Cannabis By Thomas E. Howard Senior Lawyers, June 2020 Five facts about legal cannabis in Illinois.
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