Articles on Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana-Impaired Driving: A Discussion of the Per Se Law and Other Methods of Detection By Anisa Jordan Traffic Laws and Courts, February 2020 For law enforcement and those practicing in the field of DUI prosecution and defense, the legalization of recreational cannabis brings to the forefront the question of when is a driver too impaired by marijuana to drive.
Constitutionality of the Per Se DUI Cannabis Statute in Light of the Legalization of Recreational Use By Larry A. Davis Traffic Laws and Courts, December 2019 An overview of how the new recreational cannabis laws affect the current DUI provisions governing per se cannabis violations under 625 ILCS 5/11-501(a)(7).
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Legal Marijuana: Driver Beware By Sara Vig Traffic Laws and Courts, December 2019 An overview of section 11-502.15 of the Vehicle Code, which became effective June 25, 2019 and outlines the possession of adult use cannabis in a motor vehicle.
Municipal Employment Considerations Regarding Adult Recreational Cannabis By Marissa Spencer Government Lawyers, November 2019 With the passage of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, there are certain considerations that all communities will need to address related to recreational cannabis.
The Smell of Cannabis & Legalization: What Is Probable Cause to Justify a Search? By Steve Baker Criminal Justice, September 2019 A look at what provides probably caused to justify a search of vehicle and its occupants.
The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act: The legal sale and use of cannabis for recreational purposes in the state of Illinois By Joseph E. McMenamin, Nathan Rice, & James K. Zerkle Local Government Law, July 2019 Although the new cannabis law creates issues for local governments, Illinois can use the experiences of other states and local governments to help meet the challenges it faces.

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