Articles on Career Planning

What is Avvo & is it worth my time? By Vincent A. Oppedisano Young Lawyers Division, October 2017 Founded in 2006, Avvo has become one of the most popular tools used by the public to research lawyers and legal services.
10 areas to explore when you’re thinking of going solo By Anna P. Krolikowska Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, June 2015 The solo life is not for everyone. You’ll work as hard as any lawyer in one of the top-tier firms for a paycheck that may or may not measure up. So what exactly does it take to create and build a small law firm?
People of the State of Illinois versus Private Practitioners By Christina Malecki Young Lawyers Division, June 2015 Are you considering whether to find a job as a public servant or private practice? Here's some insight to help you in your decision.
Lawyers as entrepreneurs: A conversation with Billy Joe Mills, JD, Co-Founder of By Allan Niemerg Young Lawyers Division, August 2011 In these tough economic times, it’s rare for young attorneys to quit a big law job. It’s even more rare to quit a big law job to launch a business with a charitable purpose. Today, we speak with a young attorney who has done just that.
Now what? By Kenya A. Jenkins-Wright Young Lawyers Division, April 2010 Some suggestions for making yourself invaluable during these uneasy economic times.

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