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ISBA Career Panel at Southern Illinois University By Cindy G. Buys International and Immigration Law, May 2017 Four members of the International and Immigration Law Section Council participated in a career panel discussion at the Southern Illinois University School of Law in April, 2017. 
Of counsel: What does that mean anyway? By Leonard F. Amari Senior Lawyers, February 2016 Is there an actual, understandable definition of 'of counsel'? If so, what is it?
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Trend: Leaving the law By Sarah Moravia General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, April 2015 Why are so many lawyers unhappy with the profession? What is driving everyone away? And what can be done to minimize this trend?
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Advice from the bench By Christina N. Malecki Young Lawyers Division, June 2014 Some tips and advice from current judges from different counties throughout the State of Illinois to help newly admitted attorneys prepare for their courtroom appearances.
Differentiating yourself in the legal marketplace: An alternative to “traditional” law school courses By Stephanie Tang Young Lawyers Division, June 2014 The University of Illinois College of Law introduced its “Fundamentals of Legal Practice” Program earlier this year to supplement the traditional legal courses students took in an effort to help them understand the issues important to hiring attorneys.
Interview with Arden K. Miner, President and Chief Executive Officer of ATG LegalServe By Kathy H. Xie Young Lawyers Division, February 2014 Learn more about Ms. Miner and the journey that has led her to her current position.
Third-party litigation financing and the legal job market By Austin Borton Corporate Law Departments, November 2013 TPLF is an outside finance company or hedge fund which infuses capital for litigation in exchange for a share of a plaintiff’s settlement or verdict. Essentially, these finance companies are turning the legal world into a stock market, by investing in litigation.
Giving is good By Kristen Prinz Women and the Law, October 2013 The author shares her experiences with 'givers,' and how surrounding herself with them has  generated career success.
Five simple rules to protect your reputation as a law student By Marie K. Sarantakis Young Lawyers Division, August 2013 The legal community, while expansive, is particularly close-knit. The people sitting next to you in class, attorneys you meet at events, and judges you appear before on the bench are all people that you will run into again and again throughout your career.
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YLD announces new professional development Luncheon Series for the new bar year Young Lawyers Division, August 2013 The YLD's popular Professional Development Luncheon Series is back with a new schedule for the coming year!
Addressing underemployment and underrepresentation: One lawyer’s thoughts on how to attack the problem By George Petrilli Young Lawyers Division, October 2012 During these difficult economic times, there may be opportunities for the legal profession to address the issue of lack of representation to traditionally under-served populations while simultaneously assisting those expanding number of indebted, underemployed new attorneys. 
Professional Development Series By Jessica Durkin Young Lawyers Division, October 2012 Learn more about the YLD's new series of luncheons created to help law students and young lawyers advance their careers.
Good to be a Googler By David B. Yavitz Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, September 2012 A Googler is defined as an employee of Google. If you are a Geek and fortunate enough to land a job at Google, you have made it to Geek Heaven.
Be a woman with a plan By Cristy Tackett-Hunt Women and the Law, March 2012 It’s the perfect time to start the estate planning process, regardless of where you are in your life.
Wrapping up the case: a primer By Angelica W. Wawrzynek Young Lawyers Division, December 2011 A how-to for finalizing your first personal injury case.
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50 best law firms for women By Cindy G. Buys Women and the Law, November 2011 Seven Illinois firms made the annual NAFE/Flex-Time Lawyers list published in the September 2011 issue of Working Mother.
Adjusting to the practice of law: Reflections on five years of practice By Ebony R. Huddleston Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, October 2011 As a new attorney in a small firm, the author has discovered three important things for which law school could not have prepared her.
Chair’s column: Developing “practice-ready” lawyers By Timothy J. Storm General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, October 2011 Section Chair Timothy Storm poses the questions, Are new law graduates 'practice ready'? Who is responsible for assuring that they are? and Should established lawyers care?
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Editor’s column: Developing “practice-ready” lawyers By John T. Phipps General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, October 2011 Newsletter Editor John Phipps shares his thoughts in response to the Chair's column.
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Getting your first legal job: The necessity of networking By Jessica C. Marshall Young Lawyers Division, October 2011 A first-hand account of how networking really works.
Managing expectations—Ours (The lawyers) and theirs (The clients) By Sandra Crawford Women and the Law, September 2011 The book, The New Lawyer, How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law, can serve as a starting place for any lawyer wishing to examine where she fits into the conflict resolution continuum.
Associate judge shares insights on success as a female in the legal profession By Natalie Lorenz Women and the Law, April 2011 Some lessons Judge April Troemper has learned along the way.
Consultant gives tips for interpreting gender-linked communications styles By Angela Rollins Women and the Law, April 2011 A national consultant on gender and communications addressed law students and lawyers at the Second Annual Women in Leadership Dinner in January.
Divorce among professional women By Karen M. Pinkert-Lieb Women and the Law, April 2011 Not only are professional women more likely to get divorced, but the number of women paying alimony has almost doubled since the late 90s. Here are some tips to help protect yourself in the event of a divorce.
National Association of Women Lawyers releases fifth annual survey Women and the Law, April 2011 The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) and The NAWL Foundation has released the results of their fifth annual Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms.
“So You Want to Be an Attorney”: The REM Committee Cable TV program By Daniel R. Saeedi Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law, February 2011 The Rational and Ethnic Minorities and the Law Committee recently sponsored a cable TV program, "So You Want to Be an Attorney." View it at here.
What is keeping lawyers awake at night: Asked and answered By John W. Olmstead Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, June 2009 The author answers some of the questions lawyers frequently ask.
Approaches and alternatives for implementing a Business Development Initiative By Deb Knupp & Paula Giovacchini Women and the Law, May 2009 Many firms have also launched organized Women’s Initiatives that are seeing an increased interest in transitioning from pure affinity groups to become more focused on business development. These initiatives are moving away from “monthly lunches with the ladies” into more substantive vehicles to increase firm revenue, talent pools, etc. with greater accountability to results.
The call to action: Advancing women attorneys in leadership in Chicago By Jane DiRenzo & E. Lynn Grayson Women and the Law, March 2009 Chicago law firm signatories to the 2004 Call to Action (CTA) demonstrated success on each of its five goals. Many firms demonstrated real success on the front of advancing women into leadership. Overall, the Chicago legal community made material progress and established some best practices that fed the success of its efforts. Continued progress will be necessary, but the CTA facilitated focus and progress on this important issue.
Peggy Klaus: New Year’s Resolutions Women and the Law, March 2009 Peggy Klaus, a workplace communication and leadership expert, offered the following New Year’s resolutions to her friends. Her resolutions should be considered by everyone for 2009.

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