Section Newsletter Articles on Chief Illiniwek

Last war dance for the Chief By Kenneth Dobbs Human Rights, June 2007 Decades-long battles involving reason, history, protests by students and faculty, pleadings from every Native American organization in the United States and lawsuits couldn’t move the Chancellors, Presidents and Trustees of the University of Illinois to cease using Chief Illiniwek as a team mascot.
Illinois Native American Bar Association, et al. v. The University of Illinois, 05 CH 4735 By Kenneth Dobbs Human Rights, September 2006 Oral arguments were heard in the Appellate Court of Illinois, First Judicial District on September 5, 2006.
Chief update By Kenneth Dobbs Human Rights, June 2006 The Native American Bar Association et al., appealed the circuit court’s order dismissing their Complaint seeking Declaratory and Injunctive Relief against the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees for their use of Native American imagery in the form of Chief Illiniwek as a sports mascot in violation of Illinois’ Civil Rights Act, 740 ILCS 23/5 (2003).
Why we took Chief Illiniwek to court By Kenneth Dobbs Human Rights, August 2005 The Native American Bar Association filed case 05 CH 04735 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, on June 30, 2005 alleging that the University of Illinois, by its Board of Trustees, et al., violated the Illinois Civil Rights Act of 2003 (740 ILCS 23/1 sec. 5) by discriminating against Native Americans.
Chief Illiniwek: Our right-Our responsibility By John Gaudau Human Rights, October 2004 Tyranny is the arbitrary or oppressive use of power or authority. We know this without having to refer to Webster.
Chief Illiniwek: The honored symbol of the University of Illinois By Nick Klitzing Human Rights, October 2004 Chief Illiniwek is a dignified and respectful symbol of the University of Illinois. The Chief Illiniwek tradition was conceived in 1926 to honor the native peoples who first inhabited the land now known as Illinois.
In defense of Chief Illiniwek By Roger Huddleston Human Rights, October 2004 For 78 years, Chief Illiniwek has been the symbol of the spirit of a great university and of its intercollegiate athletic teams, and as such, is loved by the people of Illinois.
Retire Chief Illiniwek By Richard L. Hutchison Human Rights, October 2004 Chief Illiniwek's performances were a welcome interlude when I attended sporting events as a student and later as an alumni at the University of Illinois' campus.