Articles on Child Abuse and Neglect

Personal jurisdiction and notice in abuse and neglect proceedings By David M. House Child Law, March 2017 As with any civil action, abuse and neglect proceedings sometimes involve questions of adequate service of process and/or notice.
Anticipatory neglect—Protecting children or going too far? By Nicole Onorato Child Law, March 2010 It is well-established law that parents have a fundamental constitutional right to the care, custody and control of their children, and this right is given great deference and protection by our laws. However, in the context of child abuse and neglect, this right is subject to termination.
ABA debates role of child’s attorney in abuse and neglect proceedings By Michael G. Bergmann Child Law, December 2009 The role of the child’s attorney in abuse and neglect proceedings was the topic of hot debates at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association (ABA), held in Chicago from July 30th to August 4th
Family treatment court By Hon. Michael D. Clary Bench and Bar, October 2009 At a meeting with social workers and others involved in child neglect cases to discuss the DCFS Permanency Enhancement Initiative, the topic of drug-addicted parents and the high frequency of termination of parental rights in those cases came up. The consensus of opinion was that these cases are particularly challenging and frustrating for everyone involved.
Anticipatory neglect across state lines: What can a parent appeal? By Michael W. Raridon Child Law, December 2003 A recent appellate case, In Re A.H., Jr., presents an unusual fact pattern and several unusual questions. Can neglect to one sibling allow the court to find another sibling neglected-even if the second child resides in another state, with a non-neglectful parent, and the minor was not even present when the alleged neglectful behavior took place?
Case law update By Ellen Pauling Child Law, December 2003 Recent cases of interest.

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