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Update: Against the best interest of children: Religious discrimination, civil unions, foster care and adoption By Linda S. Coon Child Law, November 2011 A discussion of the reasons for the ISBA Child Law Legislation Subcommittee's opposition to a bill in the Illinois Senate that would have amended the Civil Union Act to allow "religious child welfare agencies" to discriminate under some circumstances.
Illinois Civil Union Act raises filing questions By Kathleen M. Lach State and Local Taxation, October 2011 The Illinois Department of Revenue is currently reviewing whether the Civil Union Act would allow joint filing of tax returns by same-sex couples under the Illinois Income Tax Act.  
The Civil Union Act and the execution and preparation of real estate documents By Richard F. Bales Real Estate Law, September 2011 The Civil Union Act brings many new challenges to real estate practitioners. For example: How should parties to a civil union be described in deeds and other documents? How should the issue of homestead be addressed in these documents? Can parties to a civil union own their home as tenants by the entirety, and if so, how should they be described in the deed?
The Illinois Civil Union Act and employer-provided health insurance By Michael R. Lied & Michael J. Powers Labor and Employment Law, July 2011 Effective June 1, 2011, unmarried adult partners can enter into a civil union in the State of Illinois by virtue of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.
Chair’s column By Rory Weiler Family Law, February 2011 While the new, soon-to-be-signed-into-law Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act greatly enhances the rights of certain individuals involved in partnerships outside of the traditional state approved marriage, it doesn’t completely level the playing field between married parties and those involved in a civil union.
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A first look at the Illinois Civil Union Act By Richard Felice & Camilla B. Taylor Family Law, February 2011 As this article demonstrates, the Illinois Civil Union Act requires lawyers dealing with civil unions to be attuned to both the law of other states and the interplay of the civil union with other areas of the law.

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