Articles on Collective Bargaining

PAC issues advisory opinion regarding collective bargaining meetings By Everett Nicholas Education Law, October 2015 While the opinion by the The Public Access Bureau in the Illinois Attorney General’s office is advisory only, Boards need to be wary if a majority of a quorum of board members is meeting to discuss negotiations and not engaged in actual across-the-table bargaining.
Specialty healthcare: The NLRB rewrites rules on bargaining units By Michael D. Gifford Labor and Employment Law, December 2011 As a result of the recent decision of Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile, unions will be able to organize a minority share of an employer’s workforce although a majority of workers may not favor the union.
Evaluating the debate on collective bargaining in the public sector By Joshua Bailey Alternative Dispute Resolution, April 2011 In order to justify their claims, public sector unions should present a clear and convincing argument as to why collective bargaining is necessary in a government context. This would require unions to pointedly dissect the claim that government is unlike private employers and thus collective bargaining does not function correctly in the public sphere.
Case briefs By Sidra Hamidi & Tim Lesiewicz Alternative Dispute Resolution, November 2009 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that arbitrators decide claims arising from collective bargaining agreements with an arbitration clause
Pyett: Waiver of statutory federal judicial forum rights in collective bargaining agreements By Stephen E. Balogh & Adam B.E. Lied Labor and Employment Law, September 2009 Recently, the Court’s ruling in 14 Penn Plaza v. Pyett, presented a complete break with the prior understanding of bargained-for arbitration clauses
When are single-location bargaining units appropriate for health care employers? By Benjamin E. Gehrt Labor and Employment Law, March 2007 In County of Cook (Provident Hospital, the Illinois Court of Appeals was presented with the issue of what standard should be applied to determine if a single-location bargaining unit is appropriate for a health care employer with multiple facilities. 
Supreme Court approves collective bargaining for official court reporters By Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. Bench and Bar, October 2004 In an Order filed July 1, 2004, the Illinois Supreme Court voted to recognize Local 1220 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers as the official bargaining representative for official court reporters in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

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