Articles on Conflict of Interest

Lawyer shopping as a sword: It’s time to stop this abuse By David W. Inlander & Deborah Jo Soehlig Bench and Bar, October 2014 What should a lawyer and judge do when confronted with a litigant who has interviewed many attorneys in a field, and now attempts to disqualify all those he does not retain from representing his opponent?
Second Circuit affirms denial of Petition to Compel Arbitration based on counsel’s conflict of interest By John R. Schleppenbach Alternative Dispute Resolution, March 2011 A look at the case of GSI Commerce Solutions, Inc. v. BabyCenter, L.L.C., in which the Second Circuit affirmed the denial of a petition to compel arbitration based on a conflict of interest by the petitioner’s counsel.
Thoughts about conflicts of interest By J.A. Sebastian Administrative Law, November 2006 A good friend in another state practices in a highly regulated industry, represents people before the state agency, and has written and lectured extensively in that field.
Practical considerations for representing your clients who have been damaged by Wall Street analysts’ conflicts of interest By James J. Eccleston General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, September 2003 Securities regulators have opened a Pandora's box for the major brokerage firms.

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