Section Newsletter Articles on Contempt Law

How to draft a contempt order By Hon. Leonard Murray Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2017 A discussion of the legal requirements of a contempt order.
Recent case concerning contempt By Gary L. Schlesinger Bench and Bar, January 2017 The lesson from Knoll v. Coyne is that if one is seeking indirect civil contempt, one must tell the court what the purge should be. If the purpose of the contempt is punishment for violating a court order, that is criminal contempt and all the constitutional rights of a criminal defendant apply.
Recent cases concerning contempt By Gary L. Schlesinger Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2016 A look at the recent case of Knoll v. Coyne.
When attorneys misbehave in court—Judicial Contempt Power By Kevin M. Rosner Family Law, January 2007 The following article will address the issue of judicial power to maintain order and decorum in the courtroom through the use of contempt proceedings against attorneys.
Back to the basics: A review of contempt By Charles A. Canning Family Law, March 2004 As family law practitioners, we deal with contempt issues on almost a daily basis. In most of those situations, as in the case of a non-custodial parent's failure to pay child support, we get by with just using the word "contempt."