Articles on Corporate Lawyers

Ethical considerations in Of Counsel relationships By David B. Sosin Senior Lawyers, February 2013 This article is intended to give the reader a basic understanding of the Of Counsel concept and how the ethical use of that term has evolved with respect to the formation and operations of law firms.
In-house compensation—Still okay? By Jim McGrath Corporate Law Departments, August 2011 A look at what corporate lawyers earn.
Law Department Human Capital: Going the extra mile for in-house counsel By Bernard G. Peter Corporate Law Departments, September 2008 Lawyers in corporate law departments (“in-house counsel”) are different from any other employees.
Update of recent cases By Frank M. Grenard Corporate Law Departments, December 2007 Recent issues of interest to corporate attorneys.
Thoughts from an inside counsel (and former outside counsel) By Lee Ann Conti Corporate Law Departments, August 2007 1. Quality Comes First. No matter what else you do, make sure your work is always top quality.
Corporate attorneys and claims of privilege By Glenn R. Gaffney Federal Civil Practice, June 2007 In today’s Fortune 500 companies, many of which have a presence in the State of Illinois, lawyers perform a variety of roles, including but clearly not limited to, that of corporate counsel.
Recent cases of interest to in-house counsel By Frank M. Grenard Corporate Law Departments, September 2003 New cases affecting corporate lawyers.
The millennium bug: Will it bite you? By Dixie Lee Laswell Corporate Law Departments, April 1999 It is Friday night, December 31, 1999, and midnight is fast approaching. Have you found and exterminated all the bugs in the embedded systems yet, or, like Cinderella's coach at the stroke of midnight, will your pollution control equipment turn into a pollution pumpkin?

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