Articles on Deposition

A modest proposal for a better rule 30(b)(6) deposition By Hon. Iain D. Johnston Federal Civil Practice, June 2015 The next time “your friend” encounters this type of distasteful circumstance, consider the advice in this article.
The inside scoop on dep prep to get you through your first deposition By Karoline Carstens Young Lawyers Division, August 2014 The author shares a few guidelines to consider when preparing for a deposition.
Court reinforces prohibition against using deceased party’s discovery deposition as trial evidence By Kathryn R. Hoying Civil Practice and Procedure, October 2007 In the matter of Longstreet v. Cottrell, Inc., 374 Ill.App.3d 549, 871 N.E.2d 72 (5th Dist. 2007), the appellate court reconciled Illinois Supreme Court Rules 212(a)(3) and 212(a)(5), and affirmed the trial court’s order barring the use of a deceased plaintiff’s discovery deposition as evidence at trial. Plaintiffs, a truck driver and his wife, filed suit for bodily injury and loss of consortium allegedly suffered in connection with the husband’s employment.

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