Articles on Discussion Groups

What happened to the senior lawyer listserve? By Don Mateer Senior Lawyers, February 2018 Welcome to the new world of communicating with your fellow lawyers.
How and why you should join the Senior Lawyers Discussion Group By Don Mateer Senior Lawyers, June 2015 A step-by-step guide to signing up for the Senior Lawyers Discussion Group, where you can chat with and ask questions of more than 300 fellow senior lawyers.
ISBA E-mail Discussion Groups as source for practice development International and Immigration Law, September 2012 At one time or another, it seems every lawyer comes in contact with an international and/or immigration law issue in their practice. The ISBA E-mail Discussion Groups-- free to ISBA members-- offer a look at just how frequently these questions arise.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich International and Immigration Law, January 2006 While international and immigration law practices are often viewed as narrow and not affecting the vast majority of Illinois practicing attorneys, the Illinois State Bar Association’s own List Serve provides evidence to the contrary.
Power to the people-ISBA form exchange By Timothy E. Duggan General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, May 2005 A previous Chairman's Corner recommended the ISBA discussion group forums for their usefulness as a research tool.

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