Articles on Domestic Relations

The Illinois Supreme Court finds that a friends with benefits relationship does qualify for domestic relationship enhancements By Brittany B. Kimble Criminal Justice, December 2017 Despite both parties in People v. Gray testifying they were only “friends” and that neither had any interest in a romantic relationship, the Illinois Supreme Court found that the domestic relationship enhancement did apply.
Domestic Relations Division consolidation By Hon. Grace G. Dickler & Catherine Ryan Family Law, March 2017 The merger of the Dissolution and Parentage Court is arguably the most substantial procedural change to take place in the history of the Domestic Relations Division at the Daley Center.
Critical changes in child-related domestic relations law By Hon. Michael Ian Bender, (Ret.) Bench and Bar, December 2015 On January 1, 2016, multiple legislative amendments to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act take effect. This article examines several critical changes in light of courtroom and litigation practice.
Domestic relations lawyers go to probate court By Hon. Timothy J. McJoynt Family Law, May 2013 As a result of the recent case of In Re the Marriage of Karbin, domestic relations attorneys should become well-versed in probate law.
Reaching common ground: Increasing cooperation within the domestic relations community By Moshe Jacobius Bench and Bar, November 2003 Engaging in domestic relations litigation is a difficult and taxing endeavor. All of the participants in this process need to sustain a level of empathy toward other participants in the process.

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