Articles on Domestic Violence

Are you acting unethically by failing to screen for domestic violence? By Christine Hunt Young Lawyers Division, February 2018 It is an attorney’s ethical duty to both provide competent legal representation and to be an advisor to their clients. Screening for domestic violence only takes a few minutes, but is essential to successful and ethical representation.
The Illinois Supreme Court finds that a friends with benefits relationship does qualify for domestic relationship enhancements By Brittany B. Kimble Criminal Justice, December 2017 Despite both parties in People v. Gray testifying they were only “friends” and that neither had any interest in a romantic relationship, the Illinois Supreme Court found that the domestic relationship enhancement did apply.
Madison County Domestic Violence Accountability Court By Kerri Davis Bench and Bar, June 2017 June 1, 2017 marked one year since Madison County launched the Domestic Violence Accountability Court (DVAC)-- a specialty court that aims to address the challenging issues domestic violence presents in the justice system.
Why doesn’t she just leave? By Sally K. Kolb Family Law, April 2016 In cases of domestic violence, this question focuses on the victim’s implied culpability instead of on the abuser.
“Mr. Turner” and the issue of rape By Alexandra Martinez Women and the Law, February 2015 The author shares her thoughts on the film "Mr. Turner and the issues it raises about rape and consent.
Issues of domestic-violence crimes within governmental employment By Paul Thompson Government Lawyers, December 2014 A look at the ways the government workforce may be affected by domestic-violence convictions and restraining orders.
Letter from the Chair: Domestic Violence and the NFL By Letitia Spunar-Sheats Women and the Law, October 2014 A message from Committee Chair Letitia Spunar-Sheats.
5 tips for compassionately representing a domestic violence victim By Sally K. Kolb Family Law, January 2013 There are several things a practitioner should keep in mind, especially when working with the victims. This article will provide some helpful tips for compassionately serving these clients.
Forfeiture by wrongdoing and the Illinois Rules of Evidence By Patrick M. Kinnally Civil Practice and Procedure, November 2011 Forfeiture by wrongdoing should no longer be a doctrine which is only applicable in our state criminal trial courts. New rules can create imaginative ways of thinking and litigating for civil practitioners who use them.
Stalking No Contact Order Act By Lori G. Levin Women and the Law, November 2011 Since the Stalking No Contact Order Act is relatively new, its effectiveness in addressing this behavior has not been fully measured. It does provide a legal remedy to address what can be an alarming and concerning situation
Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network: Women of Influence Luncheon By Sandra Blake Women and the Law, September 2011 The Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network will honor history-maker and workplace rights advocate Lilly Ledbetter at the Women of Influence luncheon on Wednesday, September 14, at the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel in Chicago.
Highlights from the Luminary of Hope event By Melissa M. Olivero Women and the Law, April 2011 Nearly 100 people commemorated Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the annual Luminary of Hope event.
Extension of protective orders to animals under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act By David H. Hopkins Animal Law, December 2010 A relatively new remedy under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act fills a void and recognizes that many abuse situations involve family pets.
Family Violence Prevention Fund/DV Awareness Month By Sandra Blake Women and the Law, November 2010 The Family Violence Prevention Fund has issued a call to action to urge Congress to pass two key pieces of legislation.
Immigration relief available to domestic abuse victims By Julie Gerber-Sollinger Family Law, May 2009 A look at three main areas of immigration relief available to families plagued by abuse, neglect, and domestic violence—the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Visa, the U Visa, and protection under the Violence Against Women Act.
Mediation and Domestic Violence: A practical guide for mediators and attorneys By E. Nicole Carrion Women and the Law, May 2009 While most judges and attorneys agree that mediation is generally a good thing for most custody and visitation cases, there may be certain cases, such as cases that involve domestic violence, that may require special considerations during mediation or perhaps a waiver of mediation altogether.
A day in the life of a domestic violence attorney By Amie M. Simpson Women and the Law, March 2009 The author describes her work for the Will County Legal Assistance Program, which provides free civil legal services to low-income and senior citizen clients.
The “Cindy Bischof Law”: Illinois enacts a new tool against domestic violence By Dawn Dalton Bench and Bar, December 2008 A summary of the "Cindy Bischof Law" and the changes it makes to a number of statutes.
New law offers better protection for victims of violence (but we’re not where we need to be quite yet) By Sharon L. Eiseman Women and the Law, December 2008 Recently, our State Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law as PA095-0999 an amendment to the 2006 Safe Homes Act (“SHA”).
Legacy of loss transformed into hope: Cindy Bischof Law creates GPS monitoring for domestic violence prevention By Julie A. Neubauer Young Lawyers Division, October 2008 For too long, it has been the same story.
New law adds remedies, enhances protections for DV victims By Sandra Blake Women and the Law, October 2008 “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” —Jackie Robinson
A best practices guide for attorneys representing victims of domestic violence By E. Nicole Carrion Women and the Law, March 2008 Over the years, I have represented numerous victims of domestic violence in all types of legal matters.
Pulling no punches: Effective Representation of Immigration Survivors of Domestic Violence International and Immigration Law, February 2008 On February 29th at the Chicago Regional Office, the International and Immigration Law Section Council will conduct a morning CLE.
Crisis nurseries in Illinois: Keeping families together By Catherine M. Ryan Child Law, March 2007 Illinois now is home to six crisis nurseries which protect children and support families in emergencies.
Hot topics in domestic violence By Yolaine Dauphin & Mary F. Petruchius Women and the Law, January 2007 The ISBA Committee on Women and the Law presented a comprehensive program entitled, “Hot Topics in Domestic Violence,” on Friday, September 8, 2006, at the Chicago Athletic Association.
Domestic violence: Silent witness, silent killer By Shadia Haddad Women and the Law, October 2006 We all know the difference between a battery and a domestic battery. It’s obvious, right? Just add a relationship element to the equation and voi-law!
The Gender Violence Act: Civil rights for survivors of rape and domestic violence By Kaethe Morris Hoffer Tort Law, August 2006 In the hands of survivors and their attorneys, the GVA is a tool that can re-write the story of rape and justice.
New VESSA rules announced By Michael R. Lied Labor and Employment Law, July 2006 The Victim’s Economic Security and Safety Act (“VESSA”) allows for up to 12 weeks for unpaid leave in a 12-month period to allow employees or household members who are the victims of domestic or sexual violence to take time off to pursue such matters as court hearings, counseling, relocating, and seeking medical or legal services to insure the victim’s safety.
Ending domestic violence one family at a time By Jennifer Djordjevic Women and the Law, January 2006 Domestic violence does not discriminate.
Legislative report By Sharon L. Eiseman Women and the Law, September 2005 Despite the huge number of bills that died in session during this recent term, a great number of ones introduced made it to the Governor's desk and were signed into law.


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