Articles on Elections

The effect of gender in a judicial race By Angela Evans Women and the Law, June 2012 It is nice to be able to report that in some of Illinois’ more recent judicial races, gender is not a controlling factor.
The invalidation of Illinois’ ballot access law: Good news for voters who seek choice in elections : Lee v. Keith, (7th Cir., 2006) 463 F.3d 763 By Patrick M. Kinnally Human and Civil Rights, March 2007 Since 1980, not a single independent candidate has qualified as a candidate for an Illinois General Assembly. Unless a person can demonstrate he is within a recognized political party or can qualify as a “new party” candidate (Green, Libertarian etc.), he is effectively deprived from candidacy.
Navigating the Election Code: A highly technical course to follow By Maureen E. Riggs Local Government Law, March 2007 Municipal elections are coming soon. The nomination papers are in, and the ballots are being readied.

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