Articles on Electronic Evidence

So You Want to Use Social Media Posts as Evidence? By Misty Cygan Civil Practice and Procedure, May 2020 While social media posts are not so different from the more traditional paper evidence, there are unique challenges to getting them into evidence.
The Illinois duty to preserve ESI: A bridge over troubled waters By George S. Bellas & Rebecca Pucinski Keithley Civil Practice and Procedure, March 2013 Due to the dramatic increase in the use of digital technology in business today, the time is ripe for the judiciary and practitioners to take note of how electronically stored information is gathered and used at trial.
7th Circuit E-Discovery Pilot update By Kathryn A. Kelly Federal Civil Practice, December 2011 Now in its second phase, the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Project has launched <>. The Web site provides information about the Project's Principles, as well as committee information.
Ruling rethinks search warrant when evidence is digital By David Clark Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, January 2010 Common practice for decades for investigators who enter a suspect’s home with a search warrant to look for illegal items and finding other contraband lying openly, they can seize the additional contraband despite not referenced in the warrant.  

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