Articles on Equal Rights Amendment

Is the Equal Rights Amendment Part of the U.S. Constitution? By Cindy Buys Women and the Law, February 2020 Illinois, Virginia, and Nevada make several arguments in support of their position that their recent ratifications are valid and the ERA should be considered part of the U.S. Constitution.
Why I support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment By Kelly Thames Bennett Women and the Law, May 2018 Kelly Thames Bennett writes about the history of women's rights and why she supports the Equal Rights Amendment.
ERA seminar By Hon. Ann Breen-Greco Women and the Law, December 2017 A recap of the Chicago Bar Association's September program.
Equal Pay Day Chicago 2016 Women and the Law, March 2016 Plans are well underway for the next Equal Pay Day event, scheduled for April 12, 2016 in Daley Plaza (Clark and Washington in Chicago) from noon to 1 pm.
Some battles continue to be fought: The Equal Rights Amendment By Lori G. Levin Women and the Law, March 2016 March is Women’s History Month and is a time to celebrate women. Hopefully, soon, we will be able to celebrate true equality guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
Myths about the ERA debunked By Cindy G. Buys Women and the Law, November 2015 Common questions regarding the Equal Rights Amendment and a discussion of the recent efforts to restart the ratification process.
SUFFRAGETTE: Women’s fight for the right to vote By Meg O’Sullivan Women and the Law, November 2015 A look at the movie "Suffragette," which leaves viewers with the realization that the fight for the right to vote for women is far from over.

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