Articles on Fee Agreements

Are you SURE you have a written fee agreement with your client? By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, August 2019 The recent case of In re: The Marriage of Pavlovich reminds us how important it is to be sure you not only have a written fee agreement, but that your client actually signs it.
Fee agreement essentials By John T. Phipps General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, September 2009 With the adoption of the rule approving the sale of a solo practice, it became appropriate, especially for senior lawyers and solo practitioners, to insert a provision in fee agreements to cover what happens in the event of the unavailability of the attorney. Such a provision obtains the client’s consent to temporary substitution of an attorney and a limited confidentiality waiver.
Editor’s Column: Fee Agreement Essentials By John T. Phipps General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, May 2009 The author believes there needs to be a clause to address what happens on the unavailability of the attorney; a clause to deal with client expectations; and a clause that deals with the client’s fee expectations.
Design your client agreement as a legal and marketing document By Trey Ryder Young Lawyers Division, August 2005 Don't underestimate the importance of your agreement as both a legal and marketing document. Because if prospects aren't comfortable with your agreement, they may not sign it--and all your prior legal marketing efforts have been for naught
Client fee agreements: it’s time for a review By Carl R. Draper Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, January 2002 The past 12 months have seen three decisions from the appellate court that have provoked alarm, concern, and a review of law office practices concerning fee agreements with clients.

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