Articles on Fraud

Identity theft and the elderly By Marc R. Miller Elder Law, April 2003 Anyone can find their identity electronically stolen and face the repercussions of cleaning up a mess that they originally had no part of. For the Elder Law lawyer, this may involve a client whose financial information is stolen through a credit card, by inappropriate telephone calls or a sales person who takes advantage of the naïveté of an elder person.
Financial identity theft By Philip R. Viktora Criminal Justice, March 2002 On August 13, 1999 Illinois enacted the "Financial Identity Theft and Asset Forfeiture Law."
Doctors and health care fraud: what every attorney should know about the False Claims Act and qui tam By Michael K. Goldberg General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, January 2002 This article will explore the affect of this enormous growth in health care fraud on physicians and administrators, focusing on the primary vehicle used by law enforcement to root out health care fraud, The False Claims Act.


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