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Mandatory Distributions From Inherited IRAs Are Income for Support Purposes: A Review of the Illinois Supreme Court’s Decision in In re Marriage of Dahm-Schell and Schell By Jessica Hensley Sendek Family Law, January 2022 In n re Marriage of Dahm-Schell and Schell, the Illinois Supreme Court addressed whether mandatory distributions or withdrawals taken from an inherited IRA containing money that has never been imputed against the recipient for purposes of maintenance and child support calculations constitute income under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
Chair’s column: Amendment to Section 504 of the IMDMA By Lane Harvey Family Law, May 2017 Family Law Section Chair Lane Harvey discusses the amendments drafted and proposed by the Section's Maintenance and Child Support Committee.
New statutes, new clients, new work By Kevin H. Saville Family Law, April 2017 As domestic relations counsel we have to assist past, present and potential clients as new statutory changes reflect the changing society for families of all types in Illinois.
Upholding the ban on common law marriage in Illinois By Ashley DiFilippo Davis Civil Practice and Procedure, March 2017 Even when there is an interesting issue before the court--as in the recent case of Blumenthal v. Brewer--without jurisdiction, no case can survive.
Chair’s column: An action brought pursuant to the IMDMA is a civil proceeding By Lane Harvey Family Law, November 2016 Our Section Council’s November 17th table clinic includes such topics as requests to admit per Supreme Court Rule 216, use of pre-trial motions, matters related to the depositions of a party, and the use of the opposite party’s substantive admissions made prior to trial as substantive evidence during trial.
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Dissipation of assets under the 2016 IMDMA By Lisa M. Nyuli Family Law, August 2016 A look at the important changes regarding dissipation under the modified IMDMA.
Polishing the new IMDMA By Zachary W. Williams Family Law, July 2016 A summary of some of the more important changes House Bill 3898 contains as of the filing date of May 4, 2016.
Modern family law: 2016 changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act By Audrey Paige Sauer Alternative Dispute Resolution, June 2016 An overview of some significant revisions and new provisions in the IMDMA.
Ten changes in family law that practitioners need to know in 2016: A brief summary of modifications to the IMDMA By Marie K. Sarantakis Family Law, December 2015 While minor revisions to the IMDMA have been adopted addressing civil unions in 2011, same-sex marriage in 2013, and maintenance provisions in 2014, we are about to see a transformative and major overhaul of the statute in its entirety.
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The times they are a changin’: The new IMDMA and Parentage Acts By Rory T. Weiler Family Law, October 2015 An alert to some of the the changes to the IMDMA that are going to dramatically change the landscape of the divorce practice.
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Rewrite of Illinois’ Marriage Act By James R. Covington Bench and Bar, September 2013 A summary of HB 1452, which is a complete rewrite of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act that may be acted on in the Fall veto session.
The difficulty in understanding and applying Section 5/513(a)(1) of the IMDMA By Marc K. Schwartz & Staci Balbirer Family Law, June 2013 When attempting to calculate support for a disabled child, looking for guidance under the statute will leave you asking questions. This article will simplify how to calculate support and the options available to your client.
The effect of In re: the Marriage of Earlywine on Section 5/501(c-1) of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and the practice of divorce law By Heather Hurst Family Law, April 2013 The Supreme Court’s ruling in In Re: the Marriage of Earlywine has the potential to set an important precedent.
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Dissipation defined By Robin R. Miller Family Law, May 2011 The wide variety of expenditures that constitute dissipation should be an inspiration to lawyers to apply their craft. The field is broad in the range of arguments that can support a claim of dissipation under Illinois law.
What intent must the government prove to convict someone of marriage fraud? By Mark E. Wojcik International and Immigration Law, May 2011 The federal circuit courts are split on what the government must prove in order to convict someone of marriage fraud.
Illinois has three requirements to be legally married. However, a party can be married without demonstrating all three By Kimberly J. Anderson Family Law, March 2011 Illinois is very clear in its requirements for a binding marriage: A person is required to purchase a marriage license, the marriage has to be solemnized and it must be registered.
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A non-parent’s quandary: Guardianship under the Probate Act or custody under the IMDMA? By Zina Cruse Child Law, December 2008 Today, more than ever, non-parents are finding themselves acting in loco parentis for the children of other family members.
A review of judicial gloss on the statutory provisions governing contribution to attorney fees under the IMDMA By David H. Hopkins Family Law, January 2008 The enactment known as “The ‘Leveling of the Playing Field’ in Divorce Litigation Amendments” (P.A. 89-712) (“LPF Act”), effective June 1, 1997, was in fact a complete overhaul of the fee provisions of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (“IMDMA”), 750 ILCS 5/101 et seq., one that included major changes to the rules for contribution.
Public Act 094-0640 Family Law, October 2005 Section 5. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is amended by changing Sections 506 and 608 as follows:
Is it “property acquired in exchange for?” By Anne M. Martinkus General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, July 2003 Section 503 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Act, 750 ILCS 5/503, provides that property acquired in exchange for property acquired before the marriage or in exchange for property by gift, legacy or descent is non-marital property.
When to file a notice of appeal in post-dissolution proceedings By Adrienne W. Albrecht Family Law, June 2003 Family law attorneys have long complained that the Supreme Court's new discovery rules fit poorly, if at all, in the context of The Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
Marital property acquired before marriage: The purchased “in contemplation of marriage” rule By Thomas J. Kasper Family Law, April 2003 During the pre-nuptial bliss, one or both of the parties to be married may not be concerned with how title is held to the residence they purchased before the marriage.
Recent cases By Barry H. Greenburg Family Law, May 2001 Summaries of the recent cases of In Re the Marriage of Drury, In Re Petition of Mary Klak, In Re Marriage of Carter, In Re Shaddle, In re Adoption of D___, In Re Marriage of Lehr, In Re Marriage of Gattone, In Re J.P., In Re Marriage of Beerbridge, In Re the Marriage of Buck, In Re Marriage of Didier, In Re the Marriage of Petersen, In Re Donath v. Buckley, In Re Cerven and In Re Troy S. and Rachel S.

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