Section Newsletter Articles on Judges and Judiciary

How not to criticize a judge By Mark E. Wojcik Bench and Bar, August 2014 A recent lawyer's example may inspire you to think twice before attacking the integrity of the judge in your next case.
The Chiefs’ DOs and DON’Ts By Hon. Michael B. Hyman Bench and Bar, July 2014 What advice would chief judges around the State offer to judges?
Justice Stevens and the virtue of being indifferent to popularity By Hon. Michael B. Hyman Bench and Bar, April 2012 Throughout his nearly 40 years as a judge, John Paul Stevens adhered to judicial neutrality by following the principle he expressed at the CBA luncheon almost 38 years ago, “it is the business of judges to be indifferent to popularity.” And in so doing, he became one of the most popular justices of our era.
How lawyers can temper judicial temperament By Hon. Michael B. Hyman Bench and Bar, August 2007 A steady, fair-minded temperament is one of the most defining attributes of a judge.

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