Section Newsletter Articles on Jurors

Juror not disqualified by mistaken belief as to the law By Michael R. Lied Federal Civil Practice, December 2015 In Marshall v. City of Chicago, the plaintiff sought to exclude a potential juror and also to expand the size of the jury during voir dire.
Through the eyes of a juror: A lawyer’s perspective from inside the jury room By Karen McNulty Enright Tort Law, April 2014 The author recalls her experience as a juror in a civil trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County.
Jurors permitted to ask questions By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. and Sabena Auyeung Bench and Bar, July 2012 While trial judges in Illinois and other states have, in the past, allowed jurors to ask questions, Rule 243 and the accompanying revisions to the Pattern Jury Instructions Civil now provide a structure for trial judges in Illinois to allow juror questions if the parties agree.
Taking exhibits to the jury room: Why decision makers need them By Patrick M. Kinnally Civil Practice and Procedure, August 2011 Since jurors are required to take jury instructions into the jury room, it would seem a concomitant exercise to have available the evidence upon which the application of the law to those facts interact.
Failure to comply with Rule 431(b)’s Direction to Inquire of Jurors of the Defendants’ Enumerated Rights may be reversible error By J. Randall Cox Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2010 Rule 431(b) requires a trial court to ask each potential juror individually, or in a group, whether each understands and accepts four principles.
Proposed change in juror fees By James R. Covington Bench and Bar, September 2009 House Bill 4002 (Mathias, R-Buffalo Grove) did not pass this spring but probably will be reintroduced in 2010. It has two main components. First, it replaces the current “jury-demand fee” with a “juror-fund fee.” This new “juror-fund fee” is assessed against the plaintiff and defendant in most civil actions to pay for an increase in juror pay. Second, it changes how jurors are called and excused.
No reasonable juror should be allowed to view this video By Dan O’Brien General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, December 2008 Justice Scalia uploaded the Supreme Court into the age of “You Tube” with the inclusion, for the first in the history of the Court, a video link in Scott v. Harris.
Creating a case theme that resonates with jurors By Vicki Kunkel Young Lawyers Division, August 2005 It was as close to an open-and-shut case as you could get. A small Florida county was being sued by a driver for negligence.
Is a juror an employee of the county? By Richard D. Hannigan Workers' Compensation Law, April 2003 The appellate court of Illinois Third District answered that question in the negative.
Backstriking jurors: Diligent advocacy or guile? By Patrick M. Kinnally Civil Practice and Procedure, October 2002 Recently I was involved in a trial and counsel, in conjunction with the court, were selecting a jury.