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Illinois paves the way with new “providing alcohol or drugs to minors” legislation By Michael J. Marovich Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2004 On two separate occasions in the past nine years, the Illinois Supreme Court has been called to address the issue of social host liability for serving of alcoholic beverages to minors.
Curfew law revisited to remove chill on minors’ First Amendment rights By Joy A. Roberts Local Government Law, November 2004 On January 22, 2004, the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, rendered a ruling in Hodgkins v. Peterson, 355 F.3d 1048 (7th Cir. 2004), that prompted a constitutional reassessment of municipal curfew ordinances.
Child victims after Crawford v. Washington By Catherine M. Ryan & Nancy Hablutzel Child Law, October 2004 This issue of the newsletter presents three Illinois decisions that impact child victims as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Crawford v. Washington.
Supreme Court clarifies contempt for violating supervision in ordinance violation cases By Thomas A. Bruno Bench and Bar, October 2004 It is a misuse of the contempt power of the court to impose a sentence of incarceration on minor defendants who fail to meet the terms of their court supervision sentences in municipal ordinance violation cases.
Just when we were getting somewhere By Catherine M. Ryan Child Law, June 2004 Finally, states and local communities received funds to improve their juvenile justice systems.
Case law update By Ellen Pauling Child Law, December 2003 Recent cases of interest.
Privileged communications under the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act and family law issues By Scott C. Colky Family Law, December 2003 Many attorneys, and more commonly child representatives, may not understand the implications in re-disclosing information they learn from a child’s therapist.
Redeploy Illinois By Betsy Clarke International and Immigration Law, December 2003 Redeploy Illinois is now law-providing a plan to develop local incentive funding to reduce juvenile commitments to corrections.
Violence prevention/intervention for parents (The teen years) By Robert E. Wells, Jr. Alternative Dispute Resolution, December 2003 This is the third article of a threepart series concerning Violence Prevention/Intervention for Parents.
Hot topics in juvenile delinquency law By Kulmeet S. Galhotra Child Law, September 2003 Only two major juvenile delinquency bills passed both houses of the 92nd general assembly and were signed into law.
Juvenile justice bills passed—Spring 2003 Child Law, September 2003 8/12/03--The following bills passed the legislature this past spring. Most have been signed and some are waiting for the Governor's signature.
New direction for DCFS By Dixie Lee Peterson Child Law, September 2003 Armed with a background forged from his leadership of the Task Force of the Governor studying DCFS, Director Bryan Samuels began his tenure by focusing on children listed as missing or runaways, dealing with the population of older youth, and addressing the over-representation of African American children in the system.
Children’s mental health: An urgent priority for Illinois Health Care Law, June 2003 In April of 2003, the Illinois Children's Mental Health Task Force released its final report, "Children's Mental Health: An Urgent Priority for Illinois." Below is the Executive Summary of this Report.
Legislation By Betsy Clarke Child Law, April 2003 This has been an exciting year for juvenile justice legislation.
Violence prevention/intervention for parents By Robert E. Wells, Jr. Alternative Dispute Resolution, April 2003 This is the second article of a three-part series concerning Violence prevention/Intervention for Parents.
Case law update By Janet Bend Child Law, February 2003 State filed a petition against mother seeking termination of parental rights to her child.
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois By Kathryn Beasley Child Law, February 2003 The purpose of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois is to support and promote Children's Advocacy Centers in Illinois in their efforts to provide child friendly locations to facilitate multidisciplinary team forensic interviews with child victims, to provide advocacy and support to victims and their non-offending family members and to provide the services needed to begin the healing process.
The Child Representative statute is unconstitutional By Scott C. Colky Family Law, December 2002 The members of the Special Subcommittee of the Illinois State Bar Association who wrote and lobbied for the "Child's Representative" statute were well-intentioned, hardworking attorneys and judges who cared deeply for children.
Congress reauthorizes Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Child Law, December 2002 Ending six years of debate, Congress took final action recently on legislation, HR 2215, to reauthorize the JJDP Act of 1974.
Defining habitual drunkenness By Susan O’Neal Johnson Child Law, October 2002 The decision in In Re J. J. helps define the evidence that can be considered in petitions seeking to terminate parental rights pursuant to allegations of habitual drunkenness or addiction to drugs, under 750 ILCS 50/1(D)(k).
Second District addresses the court’s failure to admonish By Kathryn Bischoff Child Law, October 2002 Two seemingly opposite opinions have recently been handed down by the Second District Appellate Court on the issue of disturbing a finding of unfitness based on the trial court's failure to admonish a parent to comply with the conditions of the DCFS service plan.
Child protection law update By Catherine M. Ryan Child Law, July 2002 In 1997, T.R. (16 months) swallowed several prescription antidepressant pills and became comatose.
Child protection law update By Catherine M. Ryan Child Law, January 2002 Mother and her attorney repeatedly told the court that R.S. was conceived by artificial insemination through an anonymous sperm donor.
Juvenile police officers—friend and foe By Terra Howard & Ruth Dan Child Law, June 2001 The 1999 revisions to the Juvenile Court Act brought numerous changes to the courts that deal with juvenile delinquents.
Building blocks for youth “special edition” on-line newsletter By Timijanel Boyd Odom Child Law, December 2000 The Building Blocks for Youth Initiative released Youth Crime/Adult Time: Is Justice Served?
The many faces of lawyering for children—case law update By Kathryn Bischoff Child Law, February 1999 Minor was born cocaine exposed. In establishing a service plan the social worker assumed because mom had a drug addiction, dad did too.
Illinois’ new child welfare law By James R. Covington Child Law, January 1999 Public Act 90-608, which became effective 6-30-98, makes significant changes to child welfare in Illinois, partially in response to the requirements of the federal government.


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