Articles on Law and Technology

Banning Facial Recognition in Chicago: A Moral and Legal Necessity By Michael Drake Human and Civil Rights, September 2019 As technology advances, our society has to weigh the costs of reducing privacy against benefits such as societal safety, innovation, and economic growth.
Law Firms Must Be Cautious About the Handling and Storage of Biometric Data By Jonathan Nessler Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, September 2019 The use of biometrics to identify individuals is already in widespread use, and all businesses, including law firms, must be careful about how biometric information is handled, stored, transmitted, and destroyed.
The Need to Embrace and Catch Up With Technology By Grace G. Dickler & Isabela Moreira Family Law, September 2019 While keeping up with the many updates and advances in technology can certainly be an intimidating task, embracing technology can provide many benefits to the practice of family law.
Editor’s column: Reflections on the ABA Tech show: change, opportunity and challenge By John T. Phipps General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, July 2012 The practice of law is evolving, and the challenge will be in adapting and using technology to take advantage of the opportunities presented.
Computer buying checklist July 1999 General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, August 1999 UPS -Uninterruptable Power Supply which includes surge protection is recommend for each of the above computers because unstable power and power surges can damage the computer and cause data loss.

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