Articles on Law Enforcement

Forensic tools solve new, cold cases By Sandra Blake Bench and Bar, May 2017 New developments with examination of finger and palm prints are helping to solve cold cases around the country.
An explanation of the guidelines governing police conduct regarding use of force By Jay Barnett Human and Civil Rights, February 2015 The author, who served as an officer with the Oklahoma City Police officer for more than 20 years, shares some insight about a police officer's state of mind on the job.
Fitness-For-Duty exams upheld By Michael R. Lied Labor and Employment Law, February 2011 As the recent cases of Brownfield v. City of Yakima, Washington and Wisbey v. City of Lincoln, Nebraska demonstrate, it may be easier to justify such exams in law enforcement-related occupations.
Supreme Court broadens law enforcement investigatory powers By Michael D. Bersani Local Government Law, March 2009 In an historical decision rendered on January 26, 2009, the United States Supreme Court in Arizona v. Johnson, unanimously upheld the authority of the police to “stop and frisk” a passenger detained pursuant to a valid traffic stop, when the officer reasonably suspects that the person is armed and dangerous but does not suspect criminal activity.

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