Articles on Legal Research

Legal Research Tip By Michael J. Maslanka Real Estate Law, September 2019 It is important to always check for the case's subsequent history in addition to Shepardizing it.
Do your legal research… Very well! By Michael J. Maslanka Real Estate Law, January 2016 Some thoughts on spelling, hyphens and terminology when conducting legal research.
Legal research advances By Jessica J. Burke Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, January 2012 It is indisputable that technology has become a necessity in legal research. As technology advances it is exciting to imagine how it will further affect legal research.
Using Adobe Acrobat for your legal research By Bryan Sims Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, September 2010 By printing a case to PDF, you can leverage technology to make your research more user-friendly and accessible.
Efficient and effective Internet research for young lawyers By Jennifer Walsh Hammer Young Lawyers Division, August 2010 A helpful guide to doing your best research.
Online research tools By Cristen E. Meadows Young Lawyers Division, April 2010 Free legal research is available, and only a click away!
Research resources from Illinois Academic Law Libraries By Tom Gaylord Government Lawyers, September 2009 A handy guide to the websites of many law libraries.
News Flash: Illinois Appellate Court cases decided prior to 1935 are not precedential By Lisle A. Stalter Government Lawyers, September 2007 One thing that I have learned over the years is that there is always something new to learn in the law.

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