Articles on Lenders and Borrows

What is a lender’s duty of inquiry as to the actual status of existing loans and security instruments? By Jeffrey A. Mollet Agricultural Law, June 2016 A discussion of the ramifications of Deere & Company v. New Holland Rochester.
Piercing the corporate veil in Illinois: A tool for lenders By Michael L. Weissman Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy, September 2012 In Wachovia Securities, LLC v. Banco Panamericano, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals considered what must be established under Illinois law to impose liability on corporate insiders for indebtedness incurred by the corporation.
Seventh Circuit rules for lender in River East Plaza case By John C. Murray Corporate Law Departments, November 2007 In River East Plaza, L.L.C. v. The Variable Life Annuity Co., 2006 WL 278483 (N.D. Ill. Sept 22, 2006), the borrower, a major commercial and real estate developer, entered into a $13 million, 20-year mortgage loan (amortized at a 28-year schedule, with a balloon) in 1999.

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