Articles on Marriage

Artificial insemination and the intersection of same-sex marriage By Ashley D. Davis General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, December 2018 The second district recently addressed in In re Marriage of Dee J. the issue of whether both parents in a same-sex relationship are legally considered parents of a child conceived through artificial insemination during the marriage of the parties.
The Illinois Civil Union Act and employer-provided health insurance By Michael R. Lied & Michael J. Powers Labor and Employment Law, July 2011 Effective June 1, 2011, unmarried adult partners can enter into a civil union in the State of Illinois by virtue of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.
The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act By Richard A. Wilson Diversity Leadership Council, June 2011 When the new Act took effect on June 1, Illinois joined 11 U.S. States and the District of Columbia that now recognize legal unions between same-sex couples.
A first look at the Illinois Civil Union Act By Richard Felice & Camilla B. Taylor Family Law, February 2011 As this article demonstrates, the Illinois Civil Union Act requires lawyers dealing with civil unions to be attuned to both the law of other states and the interplay of the civil union with other areas of the law.
Newsflash—The BIA upholds immigrant-friendly precedent! By Sara E. Herbek International and Immigration Law, June 2009 The inspiration for this article is derived from an actual case at the AzulaySeiden Law Group. The author had the privilege of working on this case in preparing and filing the second Immigrant Petition and BIA appeal.

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