Articles on Motions in Limine

Motion in Limine Reduces Trial Prejudice By Terrence K. Hegarty & Jessica A. Hegarty Civil Practice and Procedure, May 2009 A pretrial motion in limine must be prepared and argued before the voir dire begins, and a written order memorializing the court’s rulings on each issue must be entered.
Do motions in limine preserve error? By Robert T. Park Civil Practice and Procedure, February 2007 Anticipating key evidentiary issues in an upcoming trial, you file a motion in limine to exclude certain harmful evidence.
More on vehicular damage as evidence of injury- Motions in limine: Are they relevant and material? By Patrick M. Kinnally Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2004 Motions in limine are a wonderful wrench in a litigator's toolbox. But they should not be permitted to deprive a fact finder from looking at a picture that is fundamental to understanding what the dispute is about. They have become overused.

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