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How to Network Effectively During COVID Times By Genevieve Niemann Young Lawyers Division, February 2022 Strategies for effective networking in a remote world.
Growing Your Practice by Networking By Paloma Holloman Women and the Law, December 2021 Whether you are starting a practice or are trying to expand your current book of clients, building your network is a great way to promote growth in your business.
Networking tips for the new year By Margaret Manetti Women and the Law, February 2017 Make a goal of two-three new people each event and a minimum of one event a month. By putting in that time and effort, before you know it, you will have a fantastic new group of people in your life by the end of the year!
Networking DOs and DON’Ts By Natali Marquez-Ponce Young Lawyers Division, December 2015 Follow these guidelines to ensure you make a good impression.
A new year for mentorship and networking By Michael P. DiNatale Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 Did you resolve to network more or to find a mentor in 2015? It's not too late-- here's how to do it. 
YLD to host a wine tasting and networking event this February By Erin Wilson Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 Save the date-- Feb. 27, 2015-- for this event that's sure to be informative and fun!
Tips for lawyers looking to network and market themselves By David Neiman Young Lawyers Division, August 2014 Some ideas for getting your name out there.
Participate to grow your business By Joshua Herman Young Lawyers Division, June 2014 How becoming involved in a local bar association, the ISBA, or a community organization can help you successfully grow your business as a young lawyer.
Resolutions for the new year By Ji Un Saw Young Lawyers Division, February 2014 The reasons you should make association involvement a high priority this year.
Networking for young attorneys By Cade Cummins Young Lawyers Division, December 2012 Keep your eyes open— networking opportunities can present themselves each and every day. 
Don’t network like an accountant By Andrew G. Vaughn Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, September 2012 This article will attempt to help us become better networkers by addressing what networking is, why networking is important for lawyers, how to network efficiently, and pitfalls to avoid while networking.
Benefits of joining bar associations for young lawyers By Jessica Durkin Young Lawyers Division, December 2011 The author shares a few of the benefits she's found through active involvement with bar associations.
Getting your first legal job: The necessity of networking By Jessica C. Marshall Young Lawyers Division, October 2011 A first-hand account of how networking really works.
Getting your first legal job: The necessity of networking By Jessica C. Marshall Women and the Law, September 2011 A first-hand account of how networking really works.
Networking Is a Contact Sport, by Joe Sweeney By Katie Kelleher Young Lawyers Division, February 2011 A synopsis of the new book, Networking is a Contact Sport, by Joe Sweeney.
Five reasons to start networking and joining bar associations right away By Debra Liss Thomas Young Lawyers Division, December 2010 It's easy to become a member of local associations—here are a few reasons you should.
Building your online network By Peter LaSorsa Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, October 2010 Use these tips to improve your Internet presence and ensure your business comes up on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search.
The many benefits of attending CLE seminars By Debra Liss Thomas Young Lawyers Division, October 2010 The ISBA offers programs that cater to every interest and area of law. Click here to see the reasons you should attend, and then check the schedule to see what's coming up.
Note from the Editor: A ready-made opportunity for you to network! By Sandra Crawford Women and the Law, December 2009 The remaining deadlines for submission of articles for consideration by this Committee for the 2009/2010 Bar year are February 15, 2010, and May 15, 2010
ABA YLD Annual Meeting offers ISBA members opportunities for professional education, networking and socializing By Justin Heather Young Lawyers Division, August 2009 A mix of business and pleasure, the ABA YLD Annual Meeting provides ISBA YLDers, as well as other ISBA members, with an opportunity to conduct the business of the division, attend excellent CLE programming, and network with fellow lawyers.
Annual outreach and networking event Women and the Law, June 2008 In April, the ISBA’s Women and the Law and the Minority and Women Participation Committee participated jointly in an outreach to Southern Illinois University students and facility.
11th Annual Networking Breakfast at the Annual Meeting at Lake Geneva Women and the Law, June 2006 Southern Illinois University School of Law is once again sponsoring the Networking Breakfast hosted by the Women and the Law Committee during the Annual Meeting at the Abbey in Lake Geneva. The buffet breakfast will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 17, 2006.
ISBA/YLD Champaign Social By Kelley A. Gandurski Young Lawyers Division, December 2005 On September 23, 2005, the Young Lawyers Division held its first social event of the year at Rock’s Bar in Champaign, Illinois. All members of the YLD, past and present, and law students were invited to attend.
YLD sponsors social for law student members By Celi Porter Young Lawyers Division, December 2005 On the evening of Friday, November 4, 2005 the Young Lawyers’ Division Council (YLD) of the ISBA joined with law school students from schools all over the state at the Hard Rock Hotel Base Bar on Michigan Avenue for a night of socializing.
Social events-Planning the small office party By Jeffrey A. Rouhandeh Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, March 2005 Some thoughts to consider if you're in charge of planning this year's office party.
Government Lawyers Committee hosts brown-bag luncheon on networking By Donna Del Principe Government Lawyers, February 2005 The Government Lawyers Committee sponsored the brown-bag lunch, "Jobs, Networking, and Why Do I Work for the Government?" on June 22, 2004.
Jump start your job search: Three surefire ways to re-energize your networking efforts By Lisa L. Abrams Young Lawyers Division, February 2003 Chances are your car isn't the only thing that could use a jump start in February. Your job search could probably use an infusion of energy, too.

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