Articles on Nondisclosure Agreements

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in commercial transactions: Essential points for reviewing and counseling your client By Jonathan D. Carlson Corporate Law Departments, March 2016 When sharing ideas and information with others becomes necessary to advance business operations, a well-drafted Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement can provide the same level of protection that a “lock and key” approach offers for tangible goods.
Nondisclosure agreements: A discussion with useful examples By Eugene F. Friedman, J.D.,Ph.D. Business Advice and Financial Planning, September 2008 Nondisclosure agreements find use in a wide variety of situations including employment, business sales, joint ventures, and other cooperative efforts.
Nondisclosure agreements: Useful examples By Eugene F. Friedman Intellectual Property, March 2007 Recent prior articles in this newsletter by other authors have discussed the legal foundation of nondisclosure agreements.
Select Illinois case law on non-disclosure agreements and trade secrets By Steven L. Baron & Kristin L. Lingren Intellectual Property, January 2007 The following is a compilation of significant and/or factually interesting cases addressing issues that directly or indirectly affect the enforceability of nondisclosure agreements in Illinois.

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