Articles on Nursing Home Care Act

Nursing Home Care Act jury instructions—A trial lawyer’s experience By Terrence S. Carden, III Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2015 A recent Jefferson County case, Beckman v. SSC Mount Vernon Operating Company, LLC, applied the new instructions.
The Nursing Home Care Act: Recoverable attorney fees and loss of society damages By Stephen C. Buser Civil Practice and Procedure, July 2012 The First District Appellate Court recently decided the case of Watson v. South Shore Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC, which is important to lawyers suing and defending nursing homes. 
Illinois Supreme Court holds that no punitive damages are allowed for survival action in violation of Nursing Home Act case By Stephen C. Buser Tort Law, October 2011 The Illinois Supreme Court made it clear in Vincent v. Alden-Park Strathmoor that it was up to the Illinois legislature and not the Illinois judicial system to determine whether punitive damages should be available for violations of the Act in actions based on the Survival Act.
A nursing home can recover its fees for care under quantum meruit despite the lack of a written contract as required by The Nursing Home Care Act By Donald A. LoBue Elder Law, August 2010 A look at the recent case of The Carlton At The Lake, Inc. v. Barber.

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