Section Newsletter Articles on Orders of Protection

Last-minute order of protection? What do you do? By Sally K. Kolb Family Law, October 2014 Late in the day a potential client calls your office for representation for an Order of Protection hearing that is, inevitably, coming up very, very soon. What do you do? What are your options?
Orders of protection—The most “abused” area of the law? By Jon J. Racklin Family Law, January 2013 The author offers some thoughts on ways to protect the abused while minimizing the abuse of the legal system.
Orders of protection at school By Sally K. Kolb Family Law, May 2012 A look at the changes made to Orders of Protection when Public Act 97-0294 went into effect on the first of this year.
Domestic violence orders of protection: What both civil and criminal practitioners need to know By Gina L. Maus General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, January 1999 Whether the nature of your law practice is largely civil, criminal or a combination of both, it is likely you have been introduced to the Domestic Violence Order of Protection.