Articles on Perjury

You think your client is going to lie on the stand—The classic dilemma of a criminal defense lawyer By Juliet Boyd Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2012 If faced by this dilemma, a lawyer should review the cases, the approaches and the rules of professional conduct. The lawyer must carefully analyze the facts of their situation. It may also be helpful to call the confidential hot line at the ARDC for advice or to pose a hypothetical to an experienced colleague. Unfortunately there is no simple resolution to this question.
Simple steps to avoid perjury in will signing By Eugenia C. Hunter Elder Law, June 2007 The article titled, “Do Witnesses of a Will Commit Perjury?” by Michael H. Erde in the June, 2006, Elder Law Section Council Newsletter prompted me to describe the will execution procedure in my office which I suggest would avoid the potential problems about which Mr. Erde writes.
Do witnesses of a will commit perjury? By Michael H. Erde Elder Law, June 2006 Illinois Law 755 ILCS 5/4-3 requires “two credible witnesses” to a Will.

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