Articles on Premarital Agreements

The validity of waivers in marital agreements By David P. Pasulka Family Law, October 2006 In order for a waiver to be valid in a Marital Settlement Agreement, it must generally satisfy the legal requirements of a contract.
Ante-nuptial agreements: Broken promises By Patrick M. Kinnally General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, December 2005 When I was in law school, my family law professor seemed intelligent and energetic about the topic. One area of instruction was “antenuptial agreements.”
Dealing with premarital agreements from other countries By Kevin Ross Johnson International and Immigration Law, January 2004 A man comes to your office with a big problem: His marriage took place in another country, his wife has now filed a marriage-dissolution (divorce) case here in Illinois, and she says she is entitled to a large payment under the terms of a 'premarital agreement.'

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