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Dealing with pro se litigants: A judge’s dilemma By Raymond J. McKoski Bench and Bar, January 2018 Canon 3(A)(4) of the Illinois judicial code permits judges to “make reasonable efforts, consistent with the law and court rules, to facilitate the ability of self-represented litigants to be fairly heard.” Does this provision help Illinois judges decide whether to intervene in a proceeding in which only one party has an attorney?
Chair’s column—Dealing with pro se litigants: A view from the bench and bar By Deane B. Brown Bench and Bar, December 2017 The ISBA Bench and Bar Section Council recently engaged in a spirited discussion on dealing with pro se litigants—an issue which persistently challenges lawyers and judges alike.
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The risks of using legal forms without attorney guidance… Episode # 37 By Michael J. Maslanka Real Estate Law, April 2017 If your clients ever ask if they can just prepare a form, you can honestly say that they can but that they do so at their own risk, and the cost of an attorney's fee to prepare the form for her or him is likely going to be a lot less than the fee for fixing a mistake that the do-it-yourself form may produce.
Impressions from the Bench: Litigating with pro se parties By Hon. Alison Conlon Bench and Bar, October 2015 Advice for judges faced with cases involving pro se litigants.
Helping pro se litigants settle cases in federal court By Hon. James F. Holderman Federal Civil Practice, April 2015 Please consider volunteering for the Northern District's Settlement Assistance Program.
New Supreme Court Rule: Help for self-represented litigants By Hon. Thomas More Donnelly Bench and Bar, September 2014 The Illinois Supreme Court’s amended Rule 63(A)(4) encourages judges to make reasonable efforts to assist self-represented parties.
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The Pro Se Litigant: Small Claim Pro Se Court By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. Bench and Bar, September 2012 The Circuit Court’s Small Claims Pro Se Division serves the dual process of providing meaningful access to self-represented litigants, while also promoting judicial economy.
Adjudication of the rights of pro se litigants By Judge Alexander P. White Bench and Bar, July 2006 Three recent articles and a recent case have raised the issue of the role judges should undertake in the adjudication of the rights of pro se or self represented litigants.
Dealing with pro se litigants By Hon. Barbara Crowder Bench and Bar, November 2005 “Well, Judge, I guess I did not answer the discovery/bring my witnesses/prepare the case for today’s trial.
Negotiating with pro se litigant By Robert E. Wells Alternative Dispute Resolution, June 2002 There is nothing most attorneys dread more than the pro se litigant. Not only is everything personal, but an attorney is required to forcefully advocate for his/her client, while meeting his/her ethical duty to the profession and his/her responsibility to the court

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