Articles on Proximate Cause

Sole Proximate Cause(s) By Hon. Eugene G. Doherty Civil Practice and Procedure, September 2019 There appears to be a split in authority about how to take the word "sole" in the phrase "sole proximate cause."
Foreseeability: Duty vs. proximate cause By Thomas F. Tobin, III Tort Law, September 2017 A case is more likely subject to dismissal prior to trial if the court decides that no duty is owed because plaintiff’s injury is not considered to be foreseeable as a matter of law.
Failure to yield yields question of fact By Jason G. Schutte Civil Practice and Procedure, January 2016 The recent case of Griffin v. Cohen and Co-Co Pools, Inc. is a very good example of how difficult it is to win a summary judgment motion arising from an intersection car collision based upon the sole proximate cause defense.

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