Articles on Search Warrants

Illinois enacts changes in obtaining search warrants electronically By David Clark Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, December 2014 The revised statute provides for obtaining a search warrant by oral testimony, and omits the limitations of telephone, fax, or other means to exchange sworn testimony supporting a search warrant, when circumstances make it reasonable to dispense with a sworn affidavit.
Practical considerations in responsing to subpoenas and search warrants By Daniel M. Purdom Corporate Law Departments, July 2004 Veteran white collar criminal defense attorneys can provide a litany of horror stories in which seemingly inconsequential underlying conduct resulted in serious charges of obstruction of justice because of a poorly organized or supervised response to a subpoena or to the execution of a search warrant.
The knock and announce requirement in search warrants By John A. Wasilewski Criminal Justice, March 2004 In Illinois, there is no statutory provision for the execution of a search warrant. In fact, the legislature has sought to excuse case law imposed knock and announce requirements by enacting legislation that would excuse the requirement with prior judicial approval

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