Articles on Selling a Business

Anti-assignment and change of control contract provisions in the sale of a business By Brian D. Rogers Business Advice and Financial Planning, May 2013 company’s key contracts represent a valuable business asset. Thus, it’s crucial that the contracts remain in force as a business changes hands from the seller to the buyer when the business is sold.
A business planning guide to successor liability laws, part 1 By Janette M. Lohman Business and Securities Law, December 2008 Before a purchaser buys either all or substantially all of the assets or stock of a business, the purchaser needs to ensure that it is not also acquiring that business’ old tax troubles.
Sell your company and pay no tax! By Richard M. Colombik, JD,CPA Business Advice and Financial Planning, February 2007 Your business has matured, or your real estate has appreciated, time to cash out and sell.

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