Articles on SLAPP Suits

SLAPP has a bite By John B. Kincaid Civil Practice and Procedure, November 2010 In a flurry of appellate activity, Illinois now has four interpretations of the Citizen’s Participation Act--the first published appellate decisions interpreting the legislative purpose of the SLAPP statute passed by the Illinois Legislature in 2007.
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SLAPPed with attorney fees: Awards pursuant to the Illinois Anti-SLAPP Act By Hon. James Fitzgerald Smith & Julia Illman Maness Civil Practice and Procedure, November 2010 Until the scope of the Anti-SLAPP Act is narrowed through legislation or judicial interpretation, this article's authors advise any attorney who is on notice that his or her actions may fall under the SLAPP matrix to proceed with caution.
Illinois joins the ranks of the anti-SLAPP states By Steven Helle Human and Civil Rights, June 2008 With the passage of a new law last year, the term SLAPP has entered the Illinois legal vocabulary.

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