Articles on SMART Act

Did we just get SACT? The SMART ACT of 2012—The unfolding implications and anecdotes By Anthony B. Ferraro Elder Law, December 2012 This is a follow-up to Connie Renzi’s well-written article “And, It’s Another Curveball” that appeared in the September 2012 issue of the Elder Law Section Council newsletter.
And it’s another curve ball—The SMART Act brings more changes to the Medicaid eligibility rules By Constance B. Renzi Elder Law, September 2012 While the SMART Act has made many significant changes to Medicaid in Illinois, this article will focus on the changes impacting the Medicaid eligibility rules for long-term care.
Proactive and crisis planning strategies under DRA and the SMART Act By Teresa Nuccio Trusts and Estates, July 2012 A highlight of the major changes under DRA and the SMART Act and will outline both proactive and crisis planning strategies that remain viable.

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