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Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler’s Perspectives on Child Safety Family Law, August 2021 Remote alcohol monitoring tools like Soberlink are a great way to increase child safety, provide peace of mind, and empower clients struggling with alcohol abuse to maintain custody.
Why Court-Admissible Documentation Matters in Child Custody Litigation Family Law, April 2021 Soberlink's Advanced Reporting helps family law practitioners obtain court admissible documents in child custody cases involving alcohol abuse.
How to Help Family Law Clients Financially During Difficult Times Family Law, January 2021 With layoffs and unemployment mounting due to the coronavirus pandemic, family law professionals are seeing an increased need for financial relief from parents pursuing child custody litigation. Soberlink can help.
The Merging of Estate Planning and Elder Law By Scott M. Solkoff Trusts and Estates, October 2020 Two major pressures are moving the practices of Estate Planning and Elder Law together. The dominant pressure is one of demand. Addressing these needs with the ethics and skills of an attorney are in high demand.  Estate Planning Attorneys are therefore looking to diversify their practices, address prevalent problems and preserve or increase their income streams. 
Remote Alcohol Monitoring for Child Custody Litigation During a Pandemic Family Law, September 2020 Innovative systems like Soberlink equip lawyers with court-admissible documents indicating proof of sobriety in real-time. 

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