Articles on Stalking

Civil stalking mediation in Ohio By Reagan Quynn Alternative Dispute Resolution, May 2019 A pilot program was developed to address the increase in civil stalking petition filings.
What family law practitioners need to know about cyberstalking By Marie K. Sarantakis Family Law, May 2017 Today’s family law attorney must have a cursory understanding of the legal framework concerning privacy issues in order to adequately instruct their clients about actions for which they may be found civilly and/or criminally liable.
Stalking No Contact Order Act By Lori G. Levin Women and the Law, November 2011 Since the Stalking No Contact Order Act is relatively new, its effectiveness in addressing this behavior has not been fully measured. It does provide a legal remedy to address what can be an alarming and concerning situation
Chair’s column: Stalking No Contact Orders By Brian L. McPheters General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, June 2010 The new Stalking No Contact Order Act fills a serious gap in remedies previously available to victims of unwanted attention.

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