Articles on Student Loans

Student loan repayment assistance programs By Tal Simon Employee Benefits, April 2019 Student loan repayment assistance programs are becoming a popular employee benefit used to attract and retain employees.
Student loans and the reality of repayment By Arsenio L. Mims Young Lawyers Division, December 2015 A look at some of the repayment options following the completion of a law student's six-month grace period.
Getting your financial house in order: Five financial tips for new lawyers By Priscilla Singer Young Lawyers Division, April 2014 The author recommends ways for new lawyers to manage debt and make the transition into the working world.
Public service and repaying your loans: Once impractical, now a reality By Matthew S. Dionne Government Lawyers, June 2012 This article seeks to call attention to and explain the recent federal and Illinois legislation designed to encourage attorneys to stay or enter the public interest field.
Student loan repayment assistance for public service attorneys: An update By Michael Vojta Young Lawyers Division, October 2009 Recent legislation on both the State and Federal levels has been passed to assist young attorneys with debt repayment. Illinois attorneys may soon have two options to turn to for assistance in debt repayment, provided of course that they make a commitment to public service work.  
Student loan repayment assistance legislation moves forward in Congress Government Lawyers, June 2007 Senate Bill 442, the “John R. Justice Prosecutors and Defenders Incentive Act” sponsored by Illinois Senator Richard Durbin amends the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to direct the Attorney General of the United States to assume the obligation to repay student loans for borrowers who agree to remain employed, for at least three years, as either state or local criminal prosecutors or state, local, or federal public defenders in criminal cases.
Critical components in selecting a student loan consolidation provider Young Lawyers Division, February 2003 Almost every lender participating in the student loan industry can offer members of the Illinois State Bar Association a student loan consolidation product.

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