Articles on Summary Suspensions

Rescinding a suspension bars charge of driving while suspended, says appellate court in People v. Elliott By Donald J. Ramsell Traffic Laws and Courts, December 2012 In the case of People v. Elliott, the defendant was stopped and charged with driving while license suspended. He had previously been arrested for DUI, and the statutory summary suspension had taken two days prior to his arrest for DWLS.
Statutory summary suspension upon DUI charge to driver unintentionally stopped at checkpoint upheld By Mollie Townsend Traffic Laws and Courts, December 2012 In People v. Clements, the Appellate Court reversed the trial court’s decision to rescind the statutory summary suspension of Defendant’s driver’s license and to suppress evidence.
Statutory summary suspension: Violation of due process By Steven J. Block Traffic Laws and Courts, September 2009 A summary of the case of People v. Miklos.
Motorist failed to present credible evidence of drug-interdiction checkpoint in statutory summary suspension hearing By J. Brick Van Der Snick Traffic Laws and Courts, June 2009 A summary of the case of People v. Scott W. Hacker.

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