Articles on Telecommunications

Lessons learned from FCC v. AT&T: A look at the recent U.S. Supreme Court case By Lisle A. Stalter Local Government Law, June 2011 Although there are some fundamental difference in the federal Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) and the Illinois equivalent, lessons can be learned from the analysis of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T.
District Court finds shipper’s Carmack claim valid, but finds shipper negligence claim preempted By William D. Brejcha Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Transportation, May 2010 The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois decided the case of Eastco International Corporation v. Coyote Logistics, LLC.
FCC releases Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Notice of Inquiry on comprehensive universal service reform Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Transportation, May 2010 An advisory discussing the FCC's recently released Notice of Inquiry and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
Conflict: The treacherous path By Edward Clinton Federal Civil Practice, December 2009 William Ruehle, the Chief Financial Officer of Broadcom, a California corporation, and Henry Nichols, a co-founder of Broadcom, were indicted by a Federal grand jury for conspiracy, securities fraud, false certification of financial statements, wire fraud and other crimes in the United States District Court for California. These charges arose from the alleged backdating of options granted to officers of Broadcom.
Telecommunications law update By Donna J. Amburgey Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Transportation, December 2009 What did your computer do for you in 1980? What does it do now? How about telephones—they haven’t changed much in the past decade, right? The laws and administrative regulations surrounding and regulating communications of all sorts, from old fashioned television and telephones to the digital revolution and cloud computing, present challenges for any attorney attempting to be a useful advisor to those who work and play in the world of telecommunications.

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